Domenica 26 Mag 2019

Fostering entrepreneurship and firm creaton as a driver of growth in a global economy

Entrepreneurship is considered key to economic performance, in particular with respect to innovative change, playing an important structural and dynamic role in all economies. Encouraging entrepreneurship is increasingly recognised by governments as an effective means of: i) creating jobs; ii) increasing productivity and competitiveness; and iii) alleviating poverty and achieving societal goals, in particular by helping specific population groups to help themselves…

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Parole chiave

  • consolidare i risultati raggiunti
  • raggruppare professionisti del settore
  • promozione del trasferimento tecnologico, innovazione e sviluppo competitivo d'impresa
  • formazione e aggiornamento professionale nell'ambito delle attivitĂ  di Innovation Campus
  • creazione di un registro
  • promozione di networking

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