Sunday 26 May 2019


  • Consolidate the experience gained in the professionals’ qualification in the field of technology transfer, including its own skills certification;
  • Codify the procedures adopted in the technology transfer activities;
  • Give visibility to those professionally performing technology broker activity, in order to represent the collective interests connected to in Italy and abroad;
  • Become the reference center and propulsion[starting] point for those involved or interested in the issues of technology transfer, innovation and competitive development of enterprise;
  • Become a center of training and professional development by promoting events, exhibitions and initiatives, which can ensure the updating of members through technical seminars, publications, audiovisual aids and other initiatives of recognized value;
  • Establishment of a register of Italian technology brokers to ensure the professionalism, in order to protect members visibility, too;
  • Promote networking and encourage contacts between members and the Italian and European centers working in the field of technology transfer;
  • Promote publishing activities connected to the members’ interests;
  • Disseminate at national and European level the issues of business development and creation and technology transfer, through participation in research projects, too.


  • To enhance, certify and represent professionalism in technology transfer - from single individual to networked community


  • consolidare i risultati raggiunti
  • raggruppare professionisti del settore
  • promozione del trasferimento tecnologico, innovazione e sviluppo competitivo d'impresa
  • formazione e aggiornamento professionale nell'ambito delle attivitĂ  di Innovation Campus
  • creazione di un registro
  • promozione di networking

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