Sunday 26 May 2019

ITBA Manifesto

The "technology broker" is something more than just a professional, who helps companies to improve their performance by using existing technologies, not developed in-house and still not on the market; and he/she makes more than supporting researchers in rising funds for their research.

The technology broker doesn’t know just the scientific community, but also the market needs and through systematic investigations, he/she facilitates contacts and synergies between companies and researchers.

The training program, that leads to becoming a technology broker, is made by conventional studio and theory, but also experience, continuously updating, ideas exchanging between colleagues and between those who daily work in this - at most unknown - area.

From many perspectives the profession of the technology broker is new and it is getting increasingly crucial to a country that wants and needs to grow. Mainly this is a profession still in progress, not based on exact sciences and which requires a continuous exchange of experiences and relationships to really improve and develop.

We are still a few operators of technology transfer, for now, but we want to grow in quantity and professionalism.

AIBT/ITBA has been born to:

  • Create a network between innovation professionals;
  • Reconnect the organizations that believe in innovation to be a driver of growth and development of the country,
  • Involve those who do research in universities, in research institutes and in companies by making them participate to our activitie,
  • Join the other networks focused on innovation and technology transfer in order to cooperate.

AIBT/ITBA works for:

  • exploiting the experiences already realized ​in the technology broker trainings, for their qualification as professionals in the sector,
  • Codifying the procedures adopted in the technology transfer activities and those for the creation of networks,
  • Obtaining recognition of technology broker at professional level through the creation of a registry representing the collective interests of brokers in Italy and abroad,
  • Becoming the reference center and propulsion point  for those who work or are interested in the issues of technology transfer and innovation,
  • Developing the professionalism of its members by organizing events, training programs and publishing activities.

The AIBT/ITBA wants to expand its network by involving other technology transfer operators willing  to join forces to pursue personal empowerment and to contribute to the overall growth of the Italian economic system.


  • consolidare i risultati raggiunti
  • raggruppare professionisti del settore
  • promozione del trasferimento tecnologico, innovazione e sviluppo competitivo d'impresa
  • formazione e aggiornamento professionale nell'ambito delle attività di Innovation Campus
  • creazione di un registro
  • promozione di networking

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