Sunday 18 Nov 2018

Consorzio per l'Area di ricerca scientifica e tecnologica di Trieste



Head office

Località Padriciano, 99 Trieste (TS) 34149 Italy

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Other information

Other information:

It is the national public research organization responsible for the management of AREA Science Park, the leading multi-sector science and technology park in Italy, where are located centers of scientific research, high education institutions and high tech firms. AREA is one of the main innovation developer in Europe and one of the most active promoters of innovation, of technology transfer and of knowledge-intensive SMEs both at national and international level. AREA is supporting the creation, development and internationalisation of regional and national start-ups and fast growing firms. It is member of many networks including outstanding innovation structures for a total of around 350 partners located in almost 35 Countries. AREA is promoting the sustainable development and the territorial attractiveness providing on-site technical assistance, training, coaching as well as temporary expert staff for design, implement and start-up the science and technology parks to be located in less developed countries and strongly networked with AREA.

AREA Science Park has 89 different tenants: 6 large enterprises with their R&S labs (Bracco S.p.A., Illycaffè S.p.A., TBS group S.p.A. Rottapharm S.p.A., Euroclone S.p.A., dr. Schaer S.p.A., Microsoft Italia s.r.l.); 65 SME and several national and international reserch institutions such as: Laboratorio di Luce di Sincrotrone (ELETRA), the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotecnology, the International Centre of Science of UNIDO, the Consorzio di Biomedicina Molecolare (CBM).


  • consolidare i risultati raggiunti
  • raggruppare professionisti del settore
  • promozione del trasferimento tecnologico, innovazione e sviluppo competitivo d'impresa
  • formazione e aggiornamento professionale nell'ambito delle attività di Innovation Campus
  • creazione di un registro
  • promozione di networking

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