Sunday 26 May 2019

About Us


Founded in April 2009 by a group of graduates of Innovation campus and Area Science Park, the Association intends to become a reference point in Italy for those who work professionally in the diverse world of technology transfer.

Our goals

  • Strengthen the network among the members
  • Create opportunities for member’s business and professional development
  • Promote synergies / relations with the world of institutions, research and business
  • Educate and train a first class of operators of the technology transfer
  • Enhance the talent and professionalism of those working in technology transfer


  • consolidare i risultati raggiunti
  • raggruppare professionisti del settore
  • promozione del trasferimento tecnologico, innovazione e sviluppo competitivo d'impresa
  • formazione e aggiornamento professionale nell'ambito delle attività di Innovation Campus
  • creazione di un registro
  • promozione di networking

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